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My parents are christian and believe that homosexuality is a sin, how should i come out to them?

This is so often a tricky one and totally depends on the support you have available to you and how you think your parents might react.

If you are still living with your parents and they are supporting you financially, then you either need to make sure you have a place to go if your parents react badly and want you out (it’s so sad, but it does happen), or just wait until you move out and can support yourself before you tell them.

If you think their reaction won’t be that extreme, then it often helps to have someone with you for support when you tell them. Just say what’s in your heart, tell them what you’re feeling, say exactly what you want to say. :)

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…whom you asked for pictures of my boyfriend and I being stupid and cute. So here you go!

I’m the one on the right with the orange pants (Jake, tumblr is smiggleninja) and David is on the left (his is loweface where he posts funny things and wicked art he does).

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