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I'm not criticizing you because you give the best advice but I think that boy who sent you the question about the porn needs more of an advice about how to deal with parents having sexual needs than how to handle porn. I'd say: It's normal that parents think about sex every now and then. That's why you are here after all! I get that you think that it's unfair to your mom but maybe your mom wasn't home and your dad was just bored or something. Doesn't mean he loves her any less. He's just human.

Thanks so much for offering your perspective, however, I wasn’t giving advice on how to handle porn, I was giving advice on self acceptance.

You are making a lot of assumptions about the parents here; i.e. that the mother doesn’t approve or would not like it. How do you know that it’s not something they do together, or something that they are both ok about? In any case, it doesn’t matter, because it’s none of anyone else’s business.

Your advice steers us away from the core issue, shifts the focus to dealing with external circumstances instead of working on where the issue is truly coming from. It skims the surface, which is fine if you don’t want to explore the parts of your humanity that have been cast into the shadows, but the most life transforming times are when we shine a light on the places within us that we fear the most.

When you accept yourself, and your sexuality, you accept others, too.

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I have a question. The other day I accidentally found porn on my dad's computer and it's just so gross! A part of me wants to tell my mum. Another part wants to blackmail my dad :$. And another part just wants to forget it ever happened. But I can't help but thinking about it and feeling disgusted. Help.

Forget about it. It’s really none of your business what your Dad gets up to or why. Just because you think that porn is disgusting or wrong doesn’t mean that it is.

Disgust at porn is rooted in shame about sex and sexuality, and rejection of a part of yourself that is completely natural and normal. We’ve been suppressing sexuality for thousands of years, and the consequences have been dire, but that’s a much larger discussion.

Work on embracing and accepting your sexuality, what ever that may be, and leave your parents be to sort out their own issues, if indeed they do have issues.

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